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Defining Open Wiring Splices

Are your lights flickering constantly, or have you stumbled upon wiring that looks off in your home? Older homes and those that were purchased by second or third owners commonly have some questionable wiring issues in their attics and basements. These issues often stem from open wiring splices that are created by amateur electrical work.

What are Open Wiring Splices?

When two electrical lines are entwined together to complete a connection, it’s called a splice. The splice itself is not an issue, but if the slice is left uncovered and a junction box is not used, then it is called an open wiring slice. Inexperienced electricians may leave the wires this way because it is easier and they don’t think they will ever be found. Open wiring splices are most commonly in attics and basements.

What are the Dangers of Open Wiring Splices?

Outside of being unsightly, there are real issues associated with open wiring splices. At the very least, they will hurt the value of your home during a home inspection. In a worst-case scenario, they can cause fires within the home. Unprotected wire connections will spark if they start to come apart. Over time the heat and loosened wires can light nearby materials on fire. If you have open wire splices in your home and you have a fire, then your insurance can deny your claim.

Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

Now that you realize open wiring slices are important to fix, you may be tempted to fix it on your own. However, you should have a properly trained electrician in Frederick County handle the task. The open wire connections are often a shock hazard, and need to be checked carefully to ensure the connections are stable. They then need to be covered with approved electrical connectors otherwise they are not really fixed. Tim Kyle Co. Electrical Service has the experience to remedy this problem for a reasonable price. Contact us today!

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