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Electric Blanket Safety During the Cold Months

Do you own and use an electric blanket during the winter? A lot of people do, especially those in locations with very low temperatures. These blankets can be nice and cozy on a cold night, but they also come with their share of risks. Read up on some general electric blanket safety if you own one or are planning to buy one soon.

Some Tips Surrounding Your Electric Blanket

Since the word ‘electric’ is in the name, it isn’t so surprising that using these blankets could come with the same risks as any electricity-based product. The biggest rule – and a somewhat obvious one – is to not use these blankets on infants or anyone who couldn’t turn the device off themselves. Otherwise, they could be in danger of burns or worse, should it start to get too hot.

Also, make sure that any electric blanket you own is up to the standards of Underwriters Laboratories,  since they do extensive testing to ensure standards of quality with this type of product.

It isn’t a good practice to use the blanket throughout the night, either, unless it’s specifically marked as such. Similarly, don’t sleep on top of it or keep it in any ‘position’ except for flat over yourself in order to keep the wiring functional.

While using your electric blanket, stop immediately if it makes a strange noise or begins to smoke or smell badly. If there are any animals or small children in the bed with you, then opt for a regular blanket so that no one is hurt by excessive heat. Finally, unplug the device when not in use, since most do not come with any kind of temperature-regulated auto-shutoff. As such, the heat could keep rising without your even knowing it.

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