Under Cabinet Lighting

Usually installed beneath cabinets or shelves, under cabinet lighting can produce localized light for a work surface, such as a kitchen counter. For those who want both utility and aesthetic, under cabinet might be the lighting solution for you. Since the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in any given home, you want kitchen lighting that improves visibility while still looking nice. It can also act as a “night light” for those wandering downstairs for a midnight snack!

Tim Kyle can install a number of different under cabinet lights to accomplish this, including:

  • LED lights
    They are more energy-efficient than any other type of bulb and can be retrofitted into existing under cabinet lighting, if you want an improvement to the quality of light. See your energy bills decrease over time with this “green” choice!
  • Puck lights
    These simple, round lights are very versatile and can be angled in a few different ways. Whether you want them to be totally recessed under the cabinets or would prefer they be somewhat visible, you have flexibility with pucks.
  • Light strips
    Looking to save space and money? These strips come in a lot of different sizes and other variations, so you can find the perfect version for your vision. Homeowners looking to add an interesting accent and/or solid task lighting will find both in light strips.

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