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Yikes! My Light Bulb Exploded!

Have you ever been in your home when suddenly a loud pop makes you jump? You are jarred, to say the least. The loud noise scared you and now you are trying to find the source of the explosion. Suddenly, you look up and see a broken light bulb and the filament waving from the shock. So, what happened? Should you call an electrician? Before you grab your phone to make that call, read on to learn more from an electrician in Walkersville about what causes a light bulb explosion.

Why Do Light Bulbs Explode?

There are many reasons why a light bulb could explode. This includes a loose connection, use of the wrong wattage, a power surge, a sensitive bulb, or a low resistance filament that suddenly snaps. Interestingly enough, the highest number of light bulb explosions usually take place during the winter months. This happens because people tend to add more bulbs to their home at this time. Whether it’s from Christmas lights or because they need more light as the nights get longer, a home’s electrical system may be overcharged. This could cause a bulb to explode. So, is there any way to stop this from happening?

Thankfully, there are several simple things you can do to avoid a light bulb explosion in your home. First, make sure that you are using bulbs with the appropriate wattage for your specific fixture. You should also make sure you wash your hands well before handling light bulbs. If not, the oil produced by the skin on your hands will transfer to the bulb, causing it to trap heat, and explode later on.

Additionally, be careful of the types of bulbs you use. Some of them are hotter than others. For example, LED bulbs are cooler than halogen bulbs. The hotter the bulb runs, the hotter a bulb is, and the higher your chances of being burned by an exploding bulb.

Electrician in Walkersville

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