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When to Consider a Whole House Generator

Generators are wonderful tools to have, especially if you live in areas where weather systems can cause regular outages. A portable generator may be sufficient for a number of reasons. However, certain situations call for a whole house generator. Tim Kyle Electric, a Rosemont electrician, can help assess your needs and recommend and install a whole house generator if necessary. Read on to learn more.

When You Should Consider a Whole House Generator

Having a whole house generator is better than a portable one for a number of circumstances. If you or someone in your home requires medical equipment that runs on electricity, a portable generator may not be enough to support the equipment. Oxygen machines, power lifts, and other medical equipment necessary for life-sustaining care shouldn’t stop working just because of an outage. A whole house generator will turn on automatically when a power outage is detected keeping life-saving medical equipment running without interruption.

Also, if you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, a standby or whole house generator is a better option than a portable one. In addition, if the area you live in experiences freezing conditions during the winter, and you have an electric furnace, a whole house generator can prevent frozen pipes.

A whole house generator can also ensure that you don’t go without water during a power outage. If you are not on a municipal water line but have a well that relies on a pump to bring water into your home, you will need power for your water supply. A generator can also prevent food in your refrigerator and freezer from spoiling during a blackout.

Tim Kyle Electric: Rosemont Electrician

A whole house generator helps keep your home running smoothly and efficiently. For more information, or to have a whole house generator installed at your home, contact Tim Kyle Electric for all your electrical needs.

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