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What is a Partial Power Outage?

Electricity is a significant player in most homes. From cooking to lighting to heating, you cannot fully appreciate the importance of electricity. But did you know that the US experiences more blackouts than any other developed nation? This can include either a partial power outage or a full blackout. Learn more about the causes and signs.

Partial Power Outages

A partial power outage or brownout occurs in some areas of your home in contrast to a full outage that affects the entire property. Signs include electrical appliances working in some areas and not others. In addition, some lights may appear dim while other lights are brighter than normal. Or, lighting is operational in one room but not in all rooms of the home.

Partial power outages occur when the electric linesĀ deliver low voltage than the usual amount. This can be caused by:

  • Bad connections at transformers
  • Overloaded power grid
  • Failing circuit breakers
  • Blown fuses
  • Appliances experiencing power surges
  • Bad weather

It’s wise to repair faulty electrical systems for safety reasons as well as convenience. While diagnosing problems can seem straightforward on your own, you should contact a professional. However, prevention is far much better than cure. To avoid partial power outage problems:

  • Use quality electrical material for installations.
  • Do not overload wires and electric circuits.
  • Regularly service moving parts of electric motors.
  • Install quality overload protection devices
  • Schedule annual electrical inspections.

Contact a Residential Electrician in Carroll County MD

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