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Intelligent Lighting Sparks Conversation

You likely don’t think of light bulbs as being able to “network,” but that’s entirely possible when it comes to light emitting diodes, or LEDs.  Because they “use semiconductors,” these bulbs are able to accomplish much of what others, like the tradition incandescent, can’t.  In this case, it means produce intelligent lighting that acts and responds without commands, simply by assessing its environment.

The Internet of Things and Intelligent Lighting

That may sound a little spooky if you’re already wary about the increasing involvement of technology and robotics in our everyday lives, but the truth is that this intelligent lighting will, can be, be hugely helpful.  LEDs who work within “the overall energy and building management ecosystem” can do a number of things to simplify the day to day of those inside by automatically adjusting to suit their needs.

For example, Cree, a company of LED innovation, has produced bulbs that interact “with Cisco’s Digital Ceiling framework, a network architecture that connects the entire building.”  Not only do these innovations save energy and money, but they also are able to interact with other technologies and “communicate” with them to act as needed.  Smartphones have recently been updated with the ability to adjust the temperature of light as the day and night progress to avoid eye strain during the day or mental stimulation before bed.  The same can now be done in offices and classrooms, with this intelligent lighting, so students and workers are kept at their best as a result of the adjusting lights.  Additional functions include “if you reserve a conference room, you can change the light outside the room to let you know it’s vacant. Or if somebody dials 911, the light from a desk can blink to let first responder know where it was.”

Clearly, the increasing connectivity of technology is a boon to daily life, though it make take time for people to see it that way.  For now, intelligent lighting can continue to be developed so that it can better integrate into people’s lives, homes, and workplaces.  The true goal, says leaders within Cree, is to produce truly intelligent lighting that changes before you realize there needs to be a change made.

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