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Are You at Risk for Electrical Fires?

Many people think of electrical fires as more of a wintertime concern, however, they are certainly still possible during the summer months. Homeowners should learn how to prevent them from happening, because maintenance is key. Read on to learn more.

How to Prevent Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are extremely dangerous, which is why it’s important to observe and assess electrical components in your home. In addition, hiring a professional to perform safety checks and any necessary maintenance can lower your risk of having a fire. Ask yourself the following questions.

Do your appliances have damaged power cords? If so, stop using them immediately. Over time, power cords fray or crack. Although they may work just fine, they are a hazard. Avoid running electrical cords beneath the carpet and keep them away from heat and water. Also, when you purchase a new appliance, such as a washer or refrigerator, follow all of the directions. The manual will give you directions on how to plug it in. You should also register your appliance so you’re notified if it’s recalled in the future.

How old is the electrical panel and wiring in your home? Older home systems are more susceptible to overheating especially with the strains of modern technology and their added electrical requirements. Plus, did you know that updating your electrical system may result in lower insurance premiums?

Are there any burning smells? Are there electrical sparks when you plug in a device or burn marks around a socket? If so, you’re at a high risk of experiencing an electrical fire, and you need to contact a residential electrical service, such as Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, as soon as possible. Always pay attention to the signs of electrical issues and contact professionals to assist.

Looking for Residential Electrical Service Myersville?

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