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Licensed Electricians Are the Only Way to Go

When it comes to electrical work, you may be tempted to save money with DIY projects or by hiring a cheap, unlicensed electrician. Ironically, you will most likely spend more money trying to fix your own electrical mistakes or hiring a second, licensed professional to fix the work of the first. Avoid the consequences of bad electrical work and always hire licensed electricians.

Licensed Electricians Are the Best Choice

When it comes to electrical work and repairs, experience is absolutely critical. If you try to resolve your own electrical issues or hire someone who isn’t licensed, then your electrical problems may end up being bigger issues than they started. Safety is also a major concern: one misstep could result in electrical shock or fire. Who would ultimately be responsible if someone is injured on your property? Avoid catastrophe, do your research, and hire a licensed electrician.

How Do I Find a Reputable Electrician?

To help you choose the right electrician for your home’s electrical needs, here is a list of items to check:

  1. Insurance— A reputable electrician needs to be fully insured against accidental damages to a homeowner’s property. This way, the client is covered against any incidents.
  2. Licenses— Always make sure the electrician you are dealing with is licensed to carry out the work you commission. All states require an electrical license or work performed under a Master Electrician. You should also ask how many on the job hours of experience they have.
  3. Reputation—find out more about the company or individual you are about to hire by reading reviews and asking if the work will be guaranteed or warrantied.
  4. References— Ask for references that you can call so you can be more confident in whether or not you should go with the company’s electrical services.

At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our residential electrical services. You don’t pay a penny until you are fully satisfied! That’s why we have up-front pricing. You approve the price before we start your job. Plus, all of our electricians are professionally trained and uniformed service technicians. Contact us if you are looking for a residential electrician York County, PA or the greater Baltimore area.

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