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Having Constant Power Surges?

Experiencing frequent power surges? They are more than a simple annoyance to homeowners. They can be a warning sign for a much bigger issue that can ultimately cause significant damage to your home. Contact a Pikesville electrician to determine the cause and the fix. Read on to learn more.

Common Causes of Power Surges

A surge can occur when:

  • An air conditioning units powers on and then turns off.
  • Using high draw appliances, such as the TV, refrigerator, microwave, and computer, at the same time.
  • Power is restored after an outage.

To reduce the frequency and severity of a surge, unplug any devices in your home that are not in current use. Even though the devices are not being used, they are still pulling electricity. Unplugging appliances that are not in use can also reduce your electricity bill. Unplug coffee pots, toasters, blenders, lamps, phone chargers, radios, and even gaming consoles.

Also, purchase quality surge protectors for your home. Most people do not see a need for surge protectors; however, they will keep excess voltage from reaching your devices. Plug expensive devices into protectors to keep surges from damaging them. At the very least, consider using power surge protectors on your televisions and computers.

Finally, contact an electrician to inspect and upgrade any and all outdated wiring. This is not an easy fix, and your chosen Pikesville electrician should be the person to do this for you. Many older homes cannot handle the demands of modern appliances; therefore, power surges occur more frequently.

Looking for a Pikesville Electrician?

At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, your family’s safety is our top priority. We offer panel upgrades, emergency standby power, repairs, and rewiring. No job is too small. Contact us today to learn more about our residential electrical services and learn why we have been named “Carroll’s Best” for 2020 by the citizen’s of Carroll County, Maryland.

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