end of summer electrical maintenance

End of Summer Electrical Maintenance for Your Home

A seasonal shift from hot to cooler temperatures represents a welcome change to many, but can also put a new demand on your HVAC. Your unit will switch from cooling to heating in the months to comes, so end of the summer electrical maintenance can help you avoid or troubleshoot any disruption in your system. Here are some essential steps to ensure that you’re safe and ready for when the temperature drops.

End of Summer Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Change the Air Filter
While it should be performed monthly, it’s especially important to check and change the filter at the end of summer. It has worked hard over the warm months keeping pollen and dust out. If left that way, then the build-up can cause a whole host of issues including heating problems during the winter.

Look for Signs of Water Leaks
HVACs produce a lot of condensation and water. Normally, this collects and is drained via a pipe. However, if the ducts or indoor unit start leaking water, issues ranging from mold to structural damage can occur. Be on the lookout for this problem as it needs a professional inspection.

Pack Away Unused Accessories
Appliances or cords that were used for the summer should be put back into storage if they are not needed during the cooler months. This includes things like extension cables, extra fridges, and radios, to name a few. Now is also a good time to check the cords for any signs of wear or damage before use next year.

Contact the Professionals

While HVAC systems need regular maintenance and inspections, following the steps above will go a long way to getting your system ready. But there’s only so much you can do yourself. Consider professional inspection and maintenance so that your heating system is ready for the winter. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has decades of experience with residential electrical service in Woodsboro, including HVAC maintenance and repair. Proud to have been voted Carroll County’s Best 2018, all of our electricians are professionally certified and uniformed service technicians. Contact us to find out how we can keep your system operating smoothly.

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