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Portable Space Heater Benefits for Your Home

A portable space heater lets you increase the room temperature and warmth in the house. This device is necessary if you want your home to be comfortable during the chilly winters. Furthermore, it eliminates the costs incurred during the cold months when you want your house to be warm. The portable space heater comes in different sizes and styles, and with features such as the automatic oscillation, remote control, thermostat, wattage system, and the lightweight handle, they are quite efficient.

Choosing the Best Portable Space Heater


If you are looking for a space heater, consider these five factors:

Type of Heater

There exists a variety of heaters. However, you must establish the type of heater that suits your space. Three styles of heaters are available. They include the convective, radiant and micathermic. These heaters differ by the area of space they cover:

  • Convection heater – Used for large spaces as they provide more even heating
  • Radiant portable space heaters – They are useful in smaller areas
  • Micathermic space heaters – Give widespread heat more quickly

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity is the extent of the area that you want to heat. Your portable space heater will tell you the space it can cover thanks to its wattage system technology. Some heaters will use about 10 watts of heating power to cover a square foot. From this, you can determine the space that your heater can cover. Therefore, select a space heater that will easily cover the region that you want to heat.

Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is important as it saves you the cost of power. You must, therefore, determine the energy efficiency of the portable space heater you wish to purchase. You can compare the various space heaters to determine which is more efficient in terms of energy conservation. Moreover, some space heaters may have added utilities to help minimize power usage: for example, energy saving mode, programmed timers, and flexible thermostats.

Noise Level

Heaters generate noise just like most electrical devices. Choose a heater whose noise level is low if you are a person to which this matters.


Choose a portable space heater that is safe to handle. Some heaters become a fire hazard if not maintained properly. Nonetheless, heater manufacturers have installed safety features for secure performance. An example would be a cool-to-the-touch surface, or an automated internal switch.

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