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Apple’s New Plan for Sustainability

There’s no question that the world needs to get in the game by boosting solar energy efforts and concerning itself more with sustainability.  Conservation and redirected energy sources are absolutely crucial at this stage when resources are dwindling and the power grid is more overwhelmed and buzzing with activity than ever.  This is where the most valuable company in the history of the world – you guessed it, Apple – comes into play with another announcement that’s blown everyone’s expectations out of the water.

Solar Panels Power iPhone Factories to Increase Sustainability

Apple has become very good at surprising people and exceeding expectations.  More than that, the tech giant has come to represent innovation and positive change in the world.  This was founded on the amount of revolutionary products put forth by their business, but it certainly hasn’t stopped at iPhones and iPads.  Just this month, Apple announced that they were going to put a serious focus on solar power and, really, green energy and sustainability efforts for their production plants.  Most of these locations are in China, unsurprisingly, and “a whopping 72 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions come from manufacturing,” though not necessarily from China alone.

Many of the world’s biggest tech producers are feeling the heat as pressure is applied to push them toward more renewable energy sources and to focus on sustainability.  Apple’s recent announcement seems to suggest that they alone are taking serious action, though it’s worth noting that the proposed plan has “no deadlines.”  Still, what they’ve done thus far isn’t something to shake a stick at: “40 megawatts of solar projects that are sufficient to power Apple’s offices and retail stores in China.”  The rest of the plans are certainly ambitious, with the company planning to increase that number from 40 megawatts to “more than 2 gigawatts.”

It’s refreshing to see big business focused not only on the products themselves, but on the impact of those items.  Some other powerhouse companies have wind or solar farms within the U.S. to supply their “data centers,” but only Apple is going above and beyond, stretching out across the ocean to work to fix the environmental issues caused by factories by bringing sustainability into focus.  Experts have labeled it “unique” that the corporation is covering the tracks of their suppliers who aren’t actually owned by Apple.

Time will tell if they will stick with the decision and be held accountable, or whether or not others will follow.  Hopefully, Apple will continue farther along the path of sustainability while encouraging similar tech leaders to invest in both their brand and green energy.  For more information on solar panels for your residence or commercial location, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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