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Why Should You Switch to Solar Power?

Tim Kyle Electrical Service can install a complete Solar Power system on your home which will5503087_m:

  • Allow you to make your own power
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Allow you to be energy independent
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Allow you to become your own utility
  • Cause your electric meter to run backwards
  • Get an average of 10% to 15% return on your investment

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How Solar Panels Work for You

The Sun Shines Everywhere

The sun’s rays are more plentiful in the southern states, but the summer days are longer in northern states. Most solar installers will factor the number of daylight hours plus the affect of weather to determine how much energy you will make in a year.

Solar Panels Convert Sun Into Electrical Energy

When a sunlight particle strikes a solar cell, it frees an electron to flow across the cell and into a wire. This energy flows from cell to cell, each time picking up more volts and amps. Together volts and amps are measured in Watts. This energy flows out of the panel through two cables in the back.

Your Meter Runs Backwards

Most grid tie systems are designed to reduce or eliminate your electrical costs. This is done by slowing your meter, or running your meter backwards instead of storing the power on-site. The energy from you solar panels is converted by your inverter and then flows through your safety disconnects, through an electrical sub-panel and into your main electrical panel where it is used. This slows the spin of your meter. Excess power that is not used flows our of the main panel and through a bi-directional meter.

Solar Panels Are Mounted on the Roof or Ground

Solar panels are usually 39” by 65” in size ( about 18sqft). They are most often installed on your roof using an aluminum structure that is bolted directly to the rafters of your roof. Solar Panels can also be mounted on the ground using a stainless steel structure that is set on concrete pillars in the ground. An average rooftop system (20 panels) requires around 400 sqft. An average ground mounted system needs about the same (but will need a large amount of open space to the south.

Solar Panels Can Face East, South, or West

The ideal placement of solar panels is facing due south. You need a clear view to the south from 10am to 4pm. You can place them on an east or west facing roof if you have a clear view of the horizon shortly after sunrise or sunset respectively.

Inverters Turn DC Power into AC Power

Solar panels produce the same type of energy stored in your car battery, called Direct Current. A solar power system uses an inverter to turn that energy into something your appliances can use. This is called Alternating Current. The two types of inverters are central inverters, and micro-inverters.

Inverters Work with Utility Power

Grid-Tie systems, which are designed to work with utility power so the home can use both energy sources at the same time. Inverters synchronize with utility grid to make sure your solar energy is used first.

Solar Requires Safety Disconnects

A knowledgeable solar installer will install safety disconnects on the exterior of the home and breakers to allow the system to be safely shut down. Solar electric systems are very safe and reliable when installed properly.

Grid Tie Solar Works When the Power is on

Most grid tie systems are designed without batteries so the system has little or no maintenance. This means that when the utility power goes out, the solar system shuts down as well. This is because the inverters have a safety system to prevent power from being sent out to the grid and possibly injure a utility worker who is trying to restore your power.

Batteries Can Be Added To a Grid Tie System

If the homeowner is willing to maintain the batteries, a transfer switch and an additional battery inverter can be installed to allow the system to operate when the utility power is out.