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Street Lighting Safety: LED Dangers

When installing street lights, it’s done with safety in mind. Safety of those who may be walking nearby to avoid accidents or crime and safety, of course, of drivers on the road who need as much visibility as possible even after the sun goes down. Lately, though, there has been a debate revolving around street lighting safety when it comes to the use of LED bulbs in particular.

How “Blue” LEDs Affect Street Lighting Safety

The often-touted LED lights don’t seem like a candidate for debate, but they are. Experts are encouraging people to think of the possibility of “detrimental health and environmental effects” when it comes to this bulb choice. With LEDs, the higher the efficiency of the bulb, “the more energy emerges,” which can prove dangerous.

How, exactly? Apparently, the “bluest” LEDs, or those with the highest efficiency, can create more glare than would exist otherwise, which would clearly pose a threat to drivers. Less dangerous, but still problematic, is the fact that this intense, blue light, often discussed with respect to computer screens, can disrupt circadian rhythms. That is, too much exposure to these lights while driving at night may change sleeping patterns. If the person becomes drowsy as a result of this changed schedule, it may later pose a threat to driving safely.

Street lighting safety is crucial to everyone and should not be taken lightly. It even affects the animals that live in the area, in this case, as the bulbs in question have the ability to “disrupt” local species who are accustomed to darkness at night, as is natural. Disoriented animals may run out into the road and be killed. If they’re larger, they may cause serious damage to passing cars and their drivers.

The experts suggest that LEDs still be used for street lighting safety, but at a lower wattage to prevent some of the above issues. Though they would be brighter at their “bluest,” it isn’t worth the risk to life and limb.

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