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Important Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

As an adult, safely using your electrical system is second nature. However, this is not the same for children. Children only have an understanding as far as their perspective and experiences reach. Therefore, it’s very important to have safety tips for kids. Read on to learn more.

Safety Tips for Kids

When your child needs to use your home’s electrical system, refer to this list to help keep your child safe from the possible dangers of electricity.

  1. Have adult supervision. If your child is going to access outlets or use electrical cords, watch them. Make sure they understand how to correctly plug or unplug electrical items. Teach them not to plug multiple electronics into one outlet or use multiple extension cords.
  2. Remind them: no wet hands. Water and electricity do not mix well. Water can turn an electrical current into a serious danger to any individuals nearby.  Electrocution from residential electrical systems can happen and usually do when someone isn’t being careful. Inform your children that their hands must be dry when using any electrical system or electronic device.
  3. Be aware of the electrical lines around your house. Don’t fly drones or kites near power lines. Be careful of any power lines when climbing trees.
  4. If you see something, say something. Informing your children about the dangers of electricity is sometimes not enough. Electrical mishaps can happen at any time. Make sure your children are aware of what a normal electrical system looks like. If they see something is wrong or off, they should know that they need to alert you.

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