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Safety Surrounding Extension Cords

Almost everyone uses extension cords for one reason for another. However, as an electrician in Ellicott City will tell you, there is a correct and an incorrect way to utilize these handy devices. Knowing how to safely use indoor and outdoor extension cords is very important. Read on to learn more.

Extension Cord Safety

There are a variety of places you can use extension cords throughout your home. You can use the cords in just about every room in your house and even outdoors, in most cases. They are commonly used with electronics, kitchen appliances, power tools, indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, and outdoor leaf blowers.

When used indoors, most people like to hide their extension cords for aesthetic reasons. It is a good idea to hide the extension cords so you or others do not trip on them. However, they should not be used under your furniture or rugs for fire safety.

There may be times when you need to add more than one extension cord in order to reach certain areas of your home or yard. If you do need to add more than one, make sure that you are using extension cords that are of the same rating. You should also check with the cord manufacturer or your local electrician in Ellicott City to see if it is safe to use more than one. Keep in mind, of course, that you can’t plug an extension cord into another extension cord.

If you are using an extension cord outside, you should always make sure that they are rated for outdoor use. Under no circumstances should you be using extension cords outside that are made to be used only indoors. Also, never remove the third, grounding prong of an extension cord. People sometimes do this so the cord will fit into an older, two-slot extension cord, but this can cause electrical sparks and shock.

Electrician in Ellicott City

At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, safety is our top priority. We give 100% to every light bulb change, just as we do to a remodeling or rewiring project. We use only high-quality, contractor-grade materials. If you discover you are using more and more electrical cords in your home to satisfy your electrical needs, you may need to add or upgrade outlets or your entire electrical system. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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