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Electrical Safety Should Be 24/7

Previously, we talked about how to avoid injury and harm when interacting with any type of electric appliance, device, or materials. Electrical safety is absolutely crucial, whether you’re a lay person just trying to plug something in or a contractor who is in the middle of the job. Don’t put your life at risk; read more of these tips and pieces of advice to stay safe at all times.

What to Know About Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is never something that should be gambled. Whatever the situation, if there is electricity involved in any capacity, you should exercise caution. All it takes is one mistake to put yourself or others at huge risk. Using common sense will help to prevent a lot of these instances.

For example, if you come across a wire hanging from above or downed on the sidewalk, steer clear of it. Do not try to move it aside or anything else that involves being near it or coming into contact with it. Your first step here should be to get in touch with a utility company who can arrive on the scene and safely take care of the wire or power line.

Something else that may seem obvious is to not handle any electric devices while in or near water. Electrical safety calls for steering clear of conductors, like water and other liquids, when you are doing any kind of electrical work. Even if you aren’t in or near water, don’t undertake work of this type on your own unless you have the proper training; aside from knowing generally what to do, you have to be able to act quickly in case of emergency situations that may arise.

Finally, if anything you are using appears to have wires that are frayed and exposed, do not plug it in. For a brief time, use electrical tape to prevent injury if you absolutely must use the device, and otherwise throw it out and replace it immediately. Electrical safety should always be a consideration and will ensure no harm to life or limb.

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