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Electrical Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

For those who work within the electrical industry, every month should be Electrical Safety Month. “OSHA estimates there are approximately 187 electrical-related fatalities a year,” and though many take the proper precautions to avoid injury and harm, there are still some electrical safety procedures that are left by the wayside. Caution should always be taken when handling electricity, no matter the situation!

Don’t Ignore Electrical Safety Practices

Whether on the job as an electrician or at home as a “lay person,” electrical safety should always be a priority. Everyone, no matter how much training they have, must be careful when handling such devices. Unfortunately, even the professionals can forget or neglect to undertake the normal procedures associated with their work, and this too-often leads to unintended, sometimes dangerous consequences.

With more electronic devices plugged in and active than ever before, we as a country have to make sure to keep a smart frame of mind while going about our everyday lives. The better our habits in using our electronics, the less need there will be for contractors to come fix a problem or handle an emergency. If there is less need for that, then less workers will be harmed each year on the job. It’s a chain of reactions with caution at its beginning.

Something for workers to keep in mind is that a lot of people are harmed “by circuits they thought were safely turned off.” There has to be a series of tests undertaken to ensure that you are working with a safe environment before coming into contact with any possibly-lethal areas. Electrical safety is the responsibility of everyone involved, so never take shortcuts or skip cautionary steps when on the job.

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