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Electrical Fires Can Be Preventable

If you’ve ever used a heater, cooked at home, or plugged in several electronics in the same outlet using an extension cord, then you have an average risk of fire. Knowing your risks may be a key step in taking measures to prevent these untimely disasters. However, they can occur suddenly and without warning. Knowing what to do and how to lessen your risk are two important aspects of keeping your home safe from such hazards. Learn more from a residential electrical service in Hampstead.

How to Prevent Electrical Fires: Three Tips

Electrical firesĀ are easy to prevent. There are three simple tips you can follow to keep your home safe and avoid the dangers of an electrical fire.

The first tip is to be aware of power cords that are frayed or damaged. Anything that looks worn can lead to a possible electrical fire. If this is the case, then you should replace your old, damaged cords with brand new ones right away.

The second tip is to follow all steps when hooking up brand new appliances. This means tha you need to read everything about its overall operation, including plugging in your brand new appliance. And since there are times when appliance recalls may happen, it pays to call in or go online to register it.

The third tip is to give your home electrical system an upgrade. This will require you to call for residential electrical service in Hampstead so they can give you an estimate and start the job. From there, you can prevent burning sockets and other issues while lowering your monthly homeowner’s insurance premiums.

When an electrical fire happens, you need to immediately unplug the source. For example, if your TV is on fire, safely turn it off and unplug it immediately. Failure to do so may aggravate the flames. The one thing you should never do is use water. Since water conducts electricity, it can hit the wire and cause the fire to get out of control. A class C fire extinguisher is best because it was made for that purpose.

Residential Electrical Service Hampstead

Electrical fires can happen at anytime. Knowing how to prevent them is the first step in keeping your home safe. If you notice funny, burning odors or switch plates that are hot to the touch, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can help. Your family’s safety is our top priority. If a fire does occur, remain calm and call 911.

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