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Electrical Dangers Behind the Scenes

There are enough things for you to worry about at home without having to think about the possibility of electrical dangers. A fire resulting from faulty wiring or a host of other origins puts you and your family at risk. To prevent this from being a possible issue, have a certified electrician or electrical company take a lot at your panels to ensure they are safe and up to code.

Don’t Get Burned by Electrical Dangers

In a recent four-year period, there were nearly 50,000 fires in homes within the United States. These were all related in some way to “electrical failure or malfunction” and thus could have been prevented if there had been proper wiring. If you, the homeowner, sees any fraying cords or overloaded outlets, take note and make adjustments safely to prevent a resultant fire. Electrical dangers can be present behind the scenes, too, of course, so have a professional stop by every once in a while to check your panels and other areas that you may not be able to accurately assess.

“The leading other known type of equipment involved in home electrical failure fires are washer or dryer, fans, and portable or stationary space heater.” If you overload your appliances, therefore, you will have a much higher chance of putting yourself in this danger. A lot of these incidents take place when more than one heavy-duty device are being used at the same time, such as a hair dryer and a space heater. Use them in moderation and separately to avoid any electrical dangers.

Be safe in your home, office, and elsewhere by taking precautions against fires. You may not recognize that there are any hazards or electrical dangers in your house, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. The experts at Tim Kyle do safety checks and provide comprehensive testing to keep your home powered safely – from circuits to switches.


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