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Babyproofing Electrical Around the Home

If you have wandering toddlers, then you absolutely must make sure all electrical devices, outlets, and other items are safe. Take these steps for babyproofing electrical components around your home.

Babyproofing Electrical Components

Toddlers are curious. They can stick keys, coins, and bobby pins into an outlet as they explore and wander around the house. They can also chew on wires or trip over them, if they are strewn around the ground. This is why it’s important to search your home from the child’s perspective to make sure accidents do not occur.

Be sure to babyproof the following areas:

Outlet covers. They are inserted into the outlet so no other object (or finger) can be inserted. They are inexpensive and can be bought in bulk for all the home’s outlets.

Outlet boxes. There are outlet boxes that cover the entire outlet and are extremely difficult for a baby to remove.

Power strip covers. It is made of plastic with a long open strip in the back to allow the cords to come through while protecting the outlets. They prevent children from being able to pull the cords.

General Electrical Safety

For general electrical safety, invest in tamper-proof outlets. Avoid use of extension cords as they can pose as tripping hazards. If extension cords must be used, be sure they are covered or even replace longer cords with shorter cords. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of children around the home.

Always call an electrician if you need additional outlets installed, rather than adding on multiple power strips. And, of course if you notice any damaged wiring, have this fixed immediately.

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