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Baby Proofing Your Electrical Outlets

Most new parents know that baby proofing is important. However, they aren’t aware of just how dangerous a modern home can be for their child. In fact, every year, 3,000 children are hospitalized as a result of injuries related to misuse of electrical outlets. Let’s examine why children are attracted to electrical outlets and how you can protect them within your home. Read on to learn more from an electrician in Hanover Pennsylvania.

Why Electrical Outlets Are Dangerous to Children

As an adult, electrical outlets hold very little appeal, but toddlers and young children are allured by the mysterious plates. Additionally, the outlet plates are often at face level with them, which makes it natural that they choose to explore them. Toddlers use their hands to explore the world around them. Unfortunately, that may mean an outlet plug that they should not touch. This is one reason why baby proofing is so essential.

The best way to safely baby proof your home is by placing outlet covers over top of any outlet that your child may have access to. Baby proofing has become a major market within children’s products. There are now many electrical outlet covers available. However, you want to choose a cover that is approved by an electrician in Hanover, Pennsylvania, to ensure it is enough to keep your child safe.

The most common outlet cover is the two-prong plastic cap that can be plugged into an outlet to keep little fingers out. However, many toddlers can snap these out. Therefore, they can be an ineffective choice. Some newer styles have locking mechanisms that prevent their removal and make them a lot safe for children. Another option is to install tamper-resistant outlets with shutters that automatically close when the outlet is not in use. Sliding outlet covers are another option that keeps little fingers out of the outlet holes.

Consult an Electrician in Hanover Pennsylvania

Have a roaming toddler in the house? Need to install new outlets that provide a permanent form of baby proofing in your home? Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We provide service to locations near Hanover, Pennsylvania and the greater Baltimore area.

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