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Safety Tips For Extension Cord Use

Life in the modern world is electric. The average person uses several different electrical devices in the course of a normal day, and many of those devices need charging when not in use. Because of this, extension cords are a necessity in many homes, both to let devices reach distant outlets and to add more sockets to existing outlets. This can be dangerous, because improper use of extension cords can damage your appliances and other electrical devices, start fires, and cause electric shocks. The problem may be that your Towson home has too few outlets. You should learn what a Towson Electrician has to say on the subject.

Proper Extension Cord Use Pro Tips

To minimize the dangers of extension cords, follow the following advice:

  • Never plug more than one appliance into an extension cord, even if it has multiple sockets. Your house was wired to handle one appliance for each socket. Forcing more than one onto a socket with an extension cord is just asking for an electrical fire.
  • Never force a three-prong plug into a two-prong outlet. Some older houses in Towson were made with two-prong outlets, as most plugs used to have two prongs. And some people try to force modern extension cords with three prongs to fit by cutting off the third prong. This is a remarkably bad idea. That third prong is a safety feature, and cutting it off puts you at a serious risk of electrical fire and electric shocks.
  • Only use extension cords that have been approved by independent laboratory tests.
  • Never EVER plug one extension cord into another to get more reach. It’s a major fire risk.
  • Never use an extension cords meant for indoor use outside.
  • Never run an extension cord under a rug or furniture. It’s a fire hazard. Furthermore, a cord that is out of sight is prone to being accidentally damaged, which can cause electrical shocks.
  • If an extension cord feels hot, unplug it immediately!

Do You Have Enough Outlets?

If you rely on extension cords a lot then your home may not have enough electrical outlets. Installing some more outlets can make your life easier and safer. It’s surprisingly easy to do.

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