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Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Electricians, Oh My!

There are three main types of electricians: commercial, industrial, and residential. Do you know the difference? Depending on the job, an electrician will need to know different wiring techniques, what specific equipment to use, and what the required load demands are. Commercial, industrial and residential electricians use different procedures and materials, so how can you know who is right for your job?

Which Electrician Should I Choose?

All electricians know how the foundations and basis of electrical work. However, as each specific industry has unique requirements, electricians will have slightly different training for each field. You want to choose an electrician that fits your project: they will have more experience with similar projects and can bring first-hand knowledge to the job.

Commercial, Industry, or Residential Electricians?

Commercial electricians work in stores, offices, and businesses to install outlets and lighting. They typically work with three-phase power supplies that can range from 120 volts up to 480 volts. The three-phase approach usually has two smaller routes running one voltage and one larger route running a high voltage. Overall, this system allows each wire to carry a lighter workload. Commercial wiring tends to be more exposed than residential, often running exposed along the sides of walls and ceilings.

Industrial electricians are similar to commercial electricians but focus on factories, mines, and chemical plants. They also use a three-phase power set up, but they mostly work with RMC conduit that powers motors and powerful circuits.

Residential electricians, as their name implies, work in homes. Residential electricians work with single phase power supplies, ranging from 120 to 240 volts. They run Romex cables (also known as non-metallic cables) and wrap their wiring in insulation. Residential electricians focus on minimum exposure to protect homeowners from shock and for aesthetic purposes.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling: Baltimore’s Preferred Electrician

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