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3 Things to Expect From An Electric Inspection

When you opt for an electric inspection, your home or business’ electrical receives a thorough evaluation from an expert. You can then know if there are any issues that could put your safety at risk, as well as that of your home or business. Fortunately, you can easily find a professional to complete the process by searching “electrician in Frederick County.” But before inspection day, it’s helpful to know what to expect.

Checking the Wiring

During the inspection, you’ll notice the specialist will carefully examine your wiring since, over time, wiring has a tendency to wear out. The excessive heat from an overloaded circuit may damage the wires’ protective coating, while rodents are known for chewing through the insulation. Sometimes, a wire may become frayed.

Checking GFCI Outlets- More Advice From an Electrician in Frederick County

A GFCI outlet, short for ground fault circuit interrupter, is a specialized outlet with two plugs, along with the buttons “RESET” and “TEST.” The purpose of it is to protect people from electrical shock. The outlet stops the flow of electricity to it when it detects an abnormal current. If any of the wiring isn’t correct, it may not function properly or could be a hazard. That’s why, when you opt for an inspection, an electrician will assess the wiring to these outlets.

Evaluating the Capacity of the Breaker

An inspection will include an analysis of the breaker and its capacity. For instance, throughout this step, the electrician will check to see if the circuit is overloaded. This step will also include the specialist checking the breaker for any signs of damage, including rust.

Choose Us As Your Electrician in Frederick County Today

When you choose us as your electrician in Frederick County, we make every step of the electrical inspection easy for you. A professional from our team will evaluate every aspect of the electrical in your home or business, including the breaker, wiring, and GFCI outlets. After the evaluation, our electrician will explain the results and what upgrades or repairs, if any, are necessary for the safety of your home or business. Our professional will then work with you to devise a course of action.

Contact Tim Kyle Co. today to schedule your inspection by calling 410-876-9404 or using our form.

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