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Power Strip Use Should Follow Guidelines

Power strips, mostly known as extension blocks or multiple sockets, are a block of several electrical sockets attached to a flexible cable which is connected to an electrical receptacle. The power strip allows for multiple power distribution over a number of appliances.

Proper Power Strip Usage

Knowledge of the proper use of power strips is essential for proper usage to avoid any possible dangers. A user should realize that a power strip is made to distribute power when many small load electrical appliances are in close proximity. Therefore, they should not be used for major appliances.

One power strip should not be connected to another power strip. The reason for this is to basically reduce the power that passes through them to the desired destination. Consequently, chances of an electric fire or devices damage are increased if this is done.

These extensions are meant to be utilized for short-term usage. While they can be used for some few weeks, their lifespan is short and are not as stable as electric wall receptors. Extensive use can lead to their failure.

Next, different power strips have varying voltages. When choosing a power strip, the voltage should meet just the basic appliance needs. Choosing one with too much voltage could result in electrical fires and damage to the appliances.

Every power strip should have a surge protection device, which protects the attached equipment in case of power surge. They are easily recognized since they are indicated on the box.

Despite the knowledge on how to properly use them, some risks may still come along. Whenever the plate on the power strip discolors or cracks, the usage of the board should be discontinued as this is a sign of overheat in the connections. Also, at times, the sockets on the board become loose. While many may not be aware, such loose sockets pose hazards as the current can become too hot and result in a fire outbreak. Replacing the faceplate alone is not enough since the prongs of a plug should fit perfectly in a socket. Rather, the power strip should be replaced wholly to eliminate the possibilities of such risks.

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