Panel Upgrades

A house is often compared to the human body. If we’re thinking of things that way, then your electrical panel could be thought of as the heart, “pumping” electricity throughout the home. If the panel is overloaded, then it will trip the breaker to prevent a dangerous burst of electricity throughout the system. If the circuit breaker doesn’t function correctly, then a fire could start as a result, putting your home and family at risk.

The older your home is, the older the panel is, and the more it will likely struggle to keep up with modern electrical demands. As we introduce more devices and appliances into our living spaces, our electrical panels have to meet those needs. Though those same electronics may be more efficient than ever, that doesn’t mean the extent of power used won’t be an issue for your outdated panel.

If your lights are flickering, or if you have to power down one appliance in order to use another one plugged into the same outlet, then you may have an old panel on your hands. More and more tripped breakers are another system, and you may even see melted wires and smoke. These symptoms can’t go unaddressed: they are seriously unsafe.

A breaker that is older than 30 years old should be updated. At Tim Kyle, we can handle your panel upgrades, starting with a thorough examination of your breaker box and electrical systems. We can take a look at how much power is being used and then install a panel that both meets regulations and meets your family’s electricity needs. Keep the “heart” of your home healthy with a little help from our experts!

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