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Residential Electrical Service in Towson Warns of Buggy Outlets

Many households are grappling with the nuisance that small insects bring to one’s home. These insects are often quite small and can hide in the tiniest of places, like inside electrical outlets, making it hard for homeowners to get rid of them. What many people do not know is that the presence of foreign particles inside a power outlet may result in an electrical surge that may lead to a fire. It is, therefore, advisable to eliminate all bugs that are living in your outlets and to use preventative measures to keep them from coming back, and this residential electrical service in Towson can help with that.

Outlet Cleaning Recommended by Residential Electrical Service in Towson

But why do these insects love hiding inside electrical outlets?
Often, when inside such hard-to-reach spaces, they are unlikely to be discovered. It’s also, obviously, dark inside the electrical outlets, making it almost impossible to find them. Another reason why you are likely to find insects in such places is that they prefer hollow, warm spaces, especially the young, immature ones that cannot withstand the external environment.

How to prevent insects from hiding inside electrical outlets?
As a homeowner, you can make sure that your electrical outlets are clear from such insects by using these two methods that have been found to eliminate stubborn insects effectively:

  • Boric acid
    This substance is a powder with toxic properties that can kill insects when they come into contact with its dust. All you need to do is to dust the likely hideouts with a fine layer of the powder and wait for the outcome. For the electrical outlets, you must switch off the power first before applying the powder.
  • Diatomaceous powder
    This powder is abrasive to the skin, and thus any insect that will come in contact with it will end up dead. The acid is applied to the insect inhabited areas of the home in the same manner as boric acid.

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