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Fixing a Loose Outlet

Imagine waking up in the morning and grabbing your cell phone only to find a dead battery. Whether it is your phone, an appliance, or another electronic it is extremely irritating when a loose electrical outlet gets in the way. However, it can be an easy fix if you take action and call an electrician.

Signs and Causes of a Loose Outlet

The most obvious sign of a loose outlet is if plugs keep falling out of it. One time can be a fluke, but if you continuously find plugs on the ground or even notice that they are wobbling after you insert them into the outlet then you have an issue.

Sometimes you can’t see the outlet is loose, but you have to manually jiggle the plug for it to make contact. If you have to play around with the plug for the device to work, this is a sign that you have a loose outlet and it’s time to replace it.

Before replacing the loose outlet, check the plug first. If you only have issues when using one plug, then chances are it is the plug and not the outlet. Straightening out the prongs can sometimes help get the right contact. If it’s a cheaper item like a cell phone charger it’s probably easier to just replace it.

On the other hand, if the outlet doesn’t hold any plug you place into it, then it’s time for a replacement. In most cases, loose outlets are caused by damaged contact points. Contact points wear out over time and if you don’t replace them they can lead to over heating and sparks. Eventually, this can lead to a house fire.

Contact Your Electrician

Many loose outlets also have burnt wires or deeper electrical issues behind them. Which is why it’s a good idea to call an electrician in Woodsboro. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Service, our skilled technicians can work with you to identify the issue and to quickly and safely address it. No job is too small here at Tim Kyle; we take every case seriously, whether it’s a burnt-out light bulb or updating the wiring in your house. Contact us today.

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