Add USB Outlets to Your Holiday Wish List

It’s more than likely your household will receive new electronics during this gift-giving season. And more devices means increased charging needs! In preparation for this new demand, maybe you should consider upgrading to USB outlets?

USB Outlets to the Rescue

Right now, you probably plug a USB adapter into your wall so you can charge electronics that require a USB cable. However, did you know there are specific outlets that eliminate the need for an adapter? USB outlets are combo outlets that allow you to plug in both USB devices and regular electronics that require a standard AC port at the same time.

Things to Consider

As is the case with most items, there are significant differences between the type and quality of USB outlets you can choose. First, you should consider the configuration of the USB outlet you want to install. Some brands have two USB-A ports, which are for larger devices such as your laptop. Other types will have two USB-C ports, which are for newer smartphones. Review the devices you have and the types of ports they require for charging. If you have differing port requirements, you may need to consider a USB outlet with varying port sizes.

A high-quality USB outlet will include a chip that can read the level of energy your device requires. This ensures devices receive the appropriate amount of energy so they can charge efficiently and quickly. Combo outlets often have different charging speeds for each port, so ensure you look into these details and find the combination that is best suited for your needs.

Last, it’s essential to understand that USB outlets do not come with surge protection. To ensure your device isn’t damaged from an energy surge, consider installing whole-home surge protection. A professional, licensed electrician should always be the one to install a surge protection system.

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