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Landscape Lighting Summer Updates

Summer has more than arrived, but you may be dragging your feet on some summer decorating. Have you considered updating or adding landscape lighting to brighten up your yard? Make some additions (or even subtractions) to your yard this July to impress any and all guests who will immediately admire and appreciate your style and utility.

Don’t Let Landscape Lighting Scare You

“The American Society of Landscape Architects found that 96.2 percent of homeowners want to light up their outdoors,” but I don’t think most people would say that they, or their neighbors, have really done so. Why not? Landscape lighting can seem intimidating, since everyone who passes by can see the outside of your home, but you should take this as a fun challenge! It’s easier than you think to put forth a strong outdoor lights game and it’s made even easier with some of the following tips from HGTV.

One of the strongest features that you can highlight is your path. Whatever walkway leads from the driveway or front gate to your door should be illuminated for safety and decorated for style. Low-to-the-ground fixtures can ensure that the lights are discreet and that no one trips over them while walking in the grass. They can also be implemented into fake rocks and other features to accomplish the same goal while not in the traditional features for a creative installation.

A striking accent light always draws the eye and can stun your visitors. If there is a particularly vivid or stately tree in your yard, you can accent it with this type of landscape lighting. It could also be used against a pool or pond for a mystical and captivating effect. Whatever you choose to accentuate, this one lighting choice will up your game.

What can help some to find their “spark” is to think of the yard or lawn as “a whole new room.” It may be outside, but it’s just another part of the house to decorate for yourself and for guests! Unlike some other spaces, though, you can utilize things like plants, scultures, fountains, and other yard features to light up and show off. Once you start to think of it as a unique space, but one that is ultimately just an extension of your home, you’re sure to find quick and easy ways to light it all.

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