New Installation & Remodeling

When it comes to the building of a new home or the remodeling of your current one, you have to work your electrical into the plan from the very beginning. Here at Tim Kyle, we want to ensure your home is safely wired from top to bottom, whether that wiring is part of a ground-up construction or a whole-house update. We have the experience to work closely with home builders so quality materials are always used and the wiring of the home goes smoothly from start to finish.

Not sure where to begin? Worried about leaving out a crucial component? We’re happy to sit down with you in order to make a concrete plan for your new installation. First, we’ll speak with you to get a better sense of how much power will be needed for all the appliances, devices, and other electronics in and out of the house. For example, we’ll review:

  • Power needed for home systems, such as appliances and entertainment devices
  • The number and placement of outlets in every room
  • What kind of lighting you’d like throughout the house
  • And so much more.

Whether you’re working through new installation or remodeling, you should make sure to think ahead to the future. If it’s a new home build, you might want to expand down the road. If it’s a current remodel, then it’s possible – and even likely – that another small or large remodel will happen later. In any case, you may end up needing more power to supply the future development (think: a backyard pool, a state-of-the-art home security system, etc.). Whatever your needs – now or later – Tim Kyle Electric has the know-how and the knowledge to help you make your home-front dreams a reality.

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