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Motion Flood Lights Provide Safety

Motion flood lights can be a first line of defense for protecting your home or business. Here’s an overview of types of detectors available that an electrician in Hanover, PA can install.

Types of Motion Flood Lights

Detectors use basic technology to activate when someone or something passes in front of the light’s sensor. There are several different types of sensors:

  • Motion detector senses any type of motion in sight of the detector which activates a light to turn on.
  • Heat detectors are more advanced than a motion detector and they activate the lights when there is a sudden change in temperature in front of the detector.
  • A light change detector, which can be found in a car’s headlights, activates when there is a significant change in the amount of light available.
  • A beam sensor located by your garage door emits a steady beam of light and will activate your lights when the beam is blocked.

So, which type of detector is best for you? That’s a conversation to have with an electrician like Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.  Outdoor motion flood lights work best when activated by a motion detector. For security and safety reasons, you’ll want the lights to go on whenever there’s motion in the detector’s field of view. More options are available for indoor lighting. A motion detector is good inside, as well as outside, especially if you use the light for safety. An example is a light that turns on when someone is walking to their bathroom at night. Or, if there are older people in the home, these lights turn on as soon as there’s motion in their field of view. The heat detectors are good in that they can turn on lights in a room when a person enters. The same applies to a beam sensor.

Looking for an Electrician in Hanover PA?

From a security standpoint, you’ll want your home or business to light up as soon as motion is detected. Motion flood lights can provide light for people who should be there, or they can help chase away people who shouldn’t be around your home or business. Get started today with making your home safe and secure. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to learn more about our services.

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