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Benefits of Motion Lighting

Motion lighting, like other exterior lights, can enhance the appearance of your exterior and highlight special features of your landscape. It’s especially valuable when it comes to home security. So, what exactly is motion lighting, and why should you have it installed outside your home?

What Is Motion Lighting?

Motion lights are triggered by movement. If you’re walking up the path to your front door, you can trigger a light that’s installed in the area. Similarly, if an animal or intruder comes near your motion lights, they’ll trigger them to turn on, too. There are various outdoor motion fixtures and sensors available today. An electrician can select the best products for your exterior and consult with you about the best places to install them for aesthetic and security.

Reasons for Motion Lighting

Many residential property owners install motion lighting to enhance their home’s security. A burglar is likely to reconsider an attempted break-in after a motion light is triggered as it will literally shed light on their trespassing. An electrical contractor can install these lights in strategic areas to help discourage thieves or other intruders from trying to break into the home. These lights can also be triggered by animals, too: ideally, the surprise illumination will help scare off animals like coyotes and raccoons.

Safety is another benefit of exterior motion lighting. When you install these lights near entrances of your home and garage, they will provide you with light for your path. As you search for keys or try to dodge icy patches on the walkway during winter, the lighting provides you with the illumination you need to avoid a trip or fall.

If you are interested in installing exterior motion lighting around your home, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling—the leading residential electrical service for Frederick County, Maryland. We feature a dedicated team of certified electricians. With upfront pricing, you can get a quote for any electrical job and approve the price before we start. We strive to make the experience of inviting us into your home a comfortable – dare we even say enjoyable – one.

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