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Are Your Security Lights Staying on Unexpectedly?

Security lights bring peace of mind when you have them keeping things bright and safe outside your home. Unfortunately, they might not always work right. Perhaps your motion-activated lights won’t turn off, or they turn on from the wind and nothing else is really there. These problems are actually quite common, and a residential electrical service in Elkridge can help get those lights working right in short order. Read on to learn more.

Common Issues with Security Lights

The most common thing that puts security lights into an ‘always on’ mode is when jamming occurs. Perhaps your home experienced a power surge. That occurrence can override the security lights’ system. This might keep them on indefinitely, which will waste energy. It’s also possible that you flicked the switch for the security lights on and then back off again quickly. That can give you a similar problem to a power surge.

Fortunately, if the lights are jammed up and always on, they can easily be fixed. Simply cut the power to the lights for half a minute and turn them back on. They should run for a few minutes and then cut off and resume their normal activity.

If you have had your security lights for a long time, another issue can be simple age and wear. You might try getting the sensitivity settings checked over and recalibrated. It’s possible that the light isn’t picking up movement close by or is picking up motion that is too far away. Once you get that fixed, things can go back to normal. But it’s also possible that the security lights are too old and are past their prime. Replacement could be in your best interest at that point.

Contact the Best Residential Electrical Service in Elkridge

If your security lights are stuck on and you have tried to cut their power off and then turned them back on, you might need a residential electrical service in Elkridge to figure out the root of the issue. The professionals at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can come to your home and assess your problem. Contact us today!

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