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What Are CFL bulbs?

Commonly referred to as compact fluorescent light bulbs, CFL bulbs are fluorescent bulbs that are commonly sold in long, circular rods. Although they are more common in commercial settings, there are a lot of great reasons for residential customers to consider installing them. The first and primary reason: increased energy savings.

How CFL Bulbs Compare with Other Bulbs

CFL bulbs have been around since the 1880s. However, due to their higher price tag, they did not become commonly available until the 1970s. Even as they grew in use commercially, they did not quite catch on until the 1990s when the price of mass production became much less. They work by generating light from the chemical phosphorous. The army was the first to adopt the technology, followed by consumers.

The number-one benefit of lighting your home with CFL bulbs is that they last 10 times longer than other common household bulbs and consume 75% less energy. Thus, if you invest in this type of lighting, the upfront cost will pay off over the next 10 years. Not only can you skip the hassle of replacing hard to reach lightbulbs on high lighting fixtures, but also you will save in energy costs every year.

Install CFL Bulbs and Save Big

In 2007, compact fluorescent light bulbs only made up 20% of US sales. (More energy conscious countries like Germany and Japan saw them make up 50% and 80% of their sales respectively.) Buy switching your bulbs, you can reap the savings and take advantage of smart energy consumption technology. If you are looking for an experienced Westminster electrician to help with installation, give Tim Kyle Co. Inc Electrical Service a call. The family-owned company offers up-front pricing and high-quality services. Call to find out if CFL bulbs are the right choice for your home.

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