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The Best Laundry Room Lighting

Adequate laundry room lighting is likely a neglected consideration when it comes to creating a good workspace. Living spaces always seem to take precedence. However, think about how much time is spent in this space. Read on to learn why upgrading the lighting in your laundry area can make a difference.

Upgrade Your Laundry Room Lighting

Quality laundry room lighting will help make the work done in this space so much easier. Protect your eyesight and your well-being, rather than fumbling around in a poorly lit area. A residential electrical service in Pikesville will assess the space and provide a quote on the ideal lighting to brighten up this neglected room in the home.

Best lighting tips and products for laundry rooms will vary depending on where this room is located within the home. If the laundry room is part of the kitchen, a variety of elegant bright lights will be enough to create an ideal workspace. Darker basement areas will require more thought and design.

Lighting that is flush or near to flush with the ceiling is ideal in small spaces. A variety of elegant options are available for flush ceiling light options. Or, you could even choose to enhance the aesthetics of the room by installing a small chandelier. Alternatively, a single light pendant will do the trick, or a row of contemporary pendants will enhance lighting in the laundry zone. Island lights or wall lamps are well-suited to bringing additional light to darker areas.

Another option is to install under cabinet LED lighting. This option is attractive, unobtrusive, and practical when extra light is required to enhance vision in low lit places.

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Considering your laundry room may be situated in a basement or dark area where natural lighting in not always at a premium, the need for good light is vital. Looking for residential electrical service in Pikesville? Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for all your residential electrical needs.

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