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Recessed Lighting Trim Options

Recessed lighting typically equates to ceiling lights. Yet, it might also be on doors or inside of a closet. It’s a great option for rooms with low ceilings and also suits very large rooms. In many ways, recessed lights have become an integral part of modern construction. Plus, it comes with several trim options for a customized look. Read on to learn more from an electrician in Sykesville.

Recessed Lighting Trim

Here are nine types of light trims that pair brilliantly with recessed lighting.

  1. Open trim: positions the lightbulb almost exactly flush with the ceiling. The inside of the lighting fixture is not seen.
  2. Reflector trim: features a reflective surface inside the lighting fixture. This amplifies the light produced by the recessed light bulb.
  3. Baffle trim: holds a light bulb inside a black ribbed interior designed to minimize glare and reflection. It is the most common type of recessed lighting.
  4. Pinhole trim: channels all of a bulb’s light into a narrow downward channel. This provides a cold, starkly modern look.
  5. Eyeball trim: allows you to angle the lightbulb in various directions.
  6. Gimbal trim: is a variation on an eyeball trim where the bulb is further back into the ceiling. When you adjust the bulb in a gimbal trim, the housing will block some of the light.
  7. Canless trim: does not require an electrical box. Instead, the light plugs directly into your home’s electrical wiring.
  8. Shower trim: keeps water out. This type of recessed lighting will sit in a wet location. The lightbulb is covered by tempered glass.
  9. Wall wash trim: uses a shield to block some of the light produced by the bulb, which effectively focuses the rest of the light in the style of a wall wash or feature light.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling: Electrician in Sykesville

Deceptively simple, recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling itself so that it gives the effect of light coming from somewhere above. It provides beautiful light coverage of any space, providing particular attractiveness to kitchens as it shines a light on a space that is always so busy and usually full of people. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today to learn more about recessed lighting options for your home.

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