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Recessed Lighting 101

Recessed lighting is a great addition to any living space, but how does it work? What should you know about recessed lighting if you are considering adding it to your home? Read on to learn more from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, residential electrical service in Sykesville.

Recessed Lighting

There are several points to consider when adding recessed lighting to your home. These include whether it is a new construction or remodeling job, differences between gimbal and regular down lights, insulation choice, and voltage.

First, make sure you have enough space for recessed lights to be properly installed. It is easier to incorporate recessed lighting into a new home rather than remodeling an existing space. With remodeling jobs, you want to make sure you have enough space for the fixtures to be installed safely. You also want to make sure your lighting choices work best for your space. Recessed lighting size can range from three to six inches. The most common are six-inch trims.

Next determine the type of housing for your recessed lighting. Gimbal lighting can be moved or adjusted to your needs. Regular down lights are fixed in place and cannot be moved. You need to know when to use non-IC (insulation contact) or IC rated fixtures based the amount of space between your fixtures and your thermal insulation. IC rated fixtures can safely come into contact with thermal insulation while Non-IC fixtures cannot. Non-IC fixtures need a minimum of three inches between them and the insulation to be safe.

Voltage is another key factor to consider. If you want dimmer recessed lighting, 12V lighting is best. However, dimmers can be more expensive and require a special transformer to reduce voltage. The most common are 120V fixtures that match the normal line voltage in homes.

Looking for Residential Electrical Service in Sykesville?

Recessed lighting can add to the overall appeal of your home. To install recessed lighting, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today for all your residential electrical service in Sykesville.

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