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Lighting Your Home by Understanding Color Temperature

Instead of changing the color of your walls and d├ęcor, consider upgrading your lighting. Did you know that a single light bulb could create a certain color temperature or atmosphere in your home? Learn more!

What Exactly is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is the warmth or coolness that a light bulb provides. It is measured in Kelvins (K). The light bulb is not actually a cooler or hotter temperature, rather the color temperature of the light bulb simply describes the aesthetic that the lights provide. Sunlight during the day is roughly 5500K. In comparison, the lights in our homes are typically between 2700-3000K depending on the bulb used.

Light bulbs consisting of 2700-3000K produce a soft, warm light such as standard incandescent light bulbs. Neutral lights are provided by medium temperature bulbs that are 3500-4100K. The look of daylight is provided by high-temperature bulbs that are 5000-6500K.

How Color Temperature Works in Your Home

Color temperature will create a specific atmosphere in your room depending on whether you want a warm light or a natural daylight appearance. Warm light creates a relaxing atmosphere while cool light is energizing. You can also achieve certain effects with a dimmer which will allow you to choose when the light is warm or cool. For those interested in saving, choose LED light bulbs with a lower wattage.

When selecting lighting for the rooms in your home, keep in mind that if a room is painted white or a dark color, using 3000K light compliments both environments. Whether it’s a living room, reading room, or bedroom, it’s a good idea to use warmer lighting such as 2700K lamps as it will give facial features a soft look and provide a cozy atmosphere. Use a 4000-4500K bulb around your bathroom mirror. A 5500K light bulb will work best in a closet as it will show you what your clothing will look like in natural daylight.

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