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How to Properly Use Downlights

A downlight is a light fitting creatively installed by electricians in hollow openings in the ceiling. Well-mounted recessed downlights make business or residential rooms look brighter and help create the perfect ambiance. The following are ways to properly use downlights.

Install Downlights

Spacing is a vital aspect to consider when connecting recessed lights. The first important factor you need to know is the distance the downlight should be from your wall. This should be around two feet. Secondly, the electrician must take the room’s measurements, especially the height of your room from the floor upwards. This measurement helps determine the accurate and precise way to space the downlight fixtures in the openings of the ceiling. For instance, if the measurement of the room’s height is 10 feet, then the recessed lights must be set in positions that are 5 feet from one to the other. Installing the lights evenly throughout the ceiling is what prevents shadows from the wall.

Electricians determine the number of recessed lights to buy after taking accurate measurements of the ceiling width and its height. Those measurements are multiplied to find out the room area that requires the lighting fixtures. For the total electric energy to use for the rooms, the electrician must multiply the room area by 1.5. Then, divide it by the wattage levels of each downlight you intend to buy for appropriate illumination that suits your preferences.

Your Trusted Electrician in Frederick County

Need the perfect illumination? Schedule an appointment with the professionally trained electricians from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to install new downlights in your home or business. We will start by assessing the situation within the ceiling to determine whether or not you have the right overhead structure for this type of lighting. Look no further, we are here to help with any of your lighting needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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