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Have You Tried Incorporating Low-Voltage Lighting?

Lights are such a common aspect of home functionality that we don’t always think about options. Low-voltage lighting is definitely worth a consideration. While 120 volts is standard in the U.S., low-voltage lighting can drop voltage to 12 or 24 volts. So, can you save money by switching to low-voltage lighting?

How to Save with Low-Voltage Lighting

The cost of fixtures, light bulbs, and dimmers for standard voltage is lower than the cost for the same items using low-voltage. However, low-voltage bulbs last longer than standard or incandescent bulbs, and they are more energy efficient. A standard bulb and low-voltage bulb use the same amount of wattage, but the low-voltage bulb emits more light. The higher output from low-voltage lights lets you use fewer bulbs, which ultimately results in less energy consumption. The lower operating cost and longer bulb lifetimes offset the higher initial cost over time.

Where Can You Use It?

Low voltage lighting uses smaller fixtures, so it’s ideal for use in displays or tight spaces where conduits and wires for standard-voltage lighting are difficult to install. The small bulbs are perfect for cabinets, strip lighting, or accenting decorative items and curios. Low-voltage bulbs also provide a more natural appearance of light. High-voltage bulbs are usually very bright white and tend to scatter light. The bulb reflector of low-voltage bulbs provides a simple and effective way to focus light. The filament in a low-voltage lamp is smaller than most standard lamps, so lumens are concentrated in the beam. This results in less light diffusion.

Landscape design is also a good fit for low voltage lighting because the electricity running through the lines is much lower than standard voltage. The lower voltage minimizes risk of fires and electric shocks. The bulbs are cool to touch because they produce less heat than standard bulbs.

Once you decide to give low-voltage lighting a try, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for residential electrical services in Hanover, PA. Our skilled electricians work with you every step of the way to complete indoor or outdoor electrical projects.

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