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Flickering Lights Occur for Different Reasons

You see it out of the corner of your eye and then stare to make sure it’s really happening: flickering lights. Whether it’s only in certain circumstances or if it happens (seemingly) randomly, it can be incredibly annoying to have your lighting not working as it should. Luckily, you don’t have to live with it; this problem has some easier fixes than you might imagine.

What to Do About Your Flickering Lights

Of course, there isn’t just one pattern of flickering lights, and there are in fact a number of “symptoms” that you can identify. As an example, “if just one light is flickering, there is a good chance that the bulb itself has a problem that can be easily remedied.” In that case, it could simply be that the bulb in the fixture hasn’t been screwed in all the way, or that it is misaligned somehow. After turning off the switch, you would just remove it and then put it back into place and see if that fixed the problem. If not, then it may just be too old for use and should be properly disposed of and replaced.

If the flickering still continues, then the issue might instead lie “with the wiring in the lamp or the switch or the outlet into which the lamp is plugged.” This can be checked by testing the lamp at a different outlet in the house. This will tell you whether or not the problem is with the lamp or the outlet, and after determining that, you can either get a new lamp entirely or have an electrician attend to your outlet rewiring.

Opting for newer bulbs, such as fluorescents and CFLs, might mean that the lights flicker and then come on a few seconds later after you turn on the switch. This actually isn’t a problem, but is just how these kinds of bulbs function. It may be problematic if the flickering continues indefinitely without ever full turning on, in which case you should contact a professional for their assessment.

Finally, if flickering lights are an issue throughout the house, then “it can signal that the voltage to your electrical system is fluctuating,” which might mean safety issues. At the very least, it could do damage to the electronics that are plugged in at the moment. This is a larger issue than some of the other, above situations, so make sure to get in touch with a qualified electrician right away if this is the case.

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