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Feng Shui Lighting for Your Home

If you’re looking to create positive vibes in your home, consider using feng shui lighting. An electrician in Frederick County can help you create harmony in any space in your home using balanced lighting options.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the practice of using energy forces to create harmony for people in their surrounding environment. This practice originates from ancient China and is also known as Chinese Geomancy. In English, feng shui means wind-water.

To incorporate feng shui lighting in your space, you need to balance the light energy. First, identify any illumination issues you might have in a particular room or space. The lighting in your space affects how you feel. Poor or inadequate lighting affects how well you can see what you’re doing. For example, do you find yourself straining to read your computer in your office? To incorporate good feng shui in your space, you need to create balance. Problems such as glare patches and shadows or lack of vertical lighting on your walls can be corrected with the right type of lighting.

Second, learn to embrace natural sunlight. Light that comes from the sun is the best source of light energy and a requirement of creating balance in your home. Notice the number of indoor light sources you have in your home as well as their quality. Whenever you can, fill your spaces with natural light instead of artificial lighting.

Finally, learn to incorporate color in your lighting choices. Light bulbs with a low CRI make distinguishing colors, such as navy and black, difficult. When you use more color in your home, you can use light energy more effectively. Look around your home and consider the number of colors you’re using in your space. Although you may not be fond of a rainbow room, incorporating more vibrant, pure colors in your space can create more light energy.

Hiring an Electrician in Frederick County

At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we’re happy to help you address your home’s lighting needs. Our residential electrical services include new installation and remodeling, repairs and rewiring, panel upgrades, and more! Contact us today to learn more about using feng shui lighting in your home or schedule a service. We look forward to helping you make your house a balanced home!

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