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Closet Lights Can Make a Difference

Closet lighting is an aspect of your wardrobe that should not be ignored. While organization and storage are important, it can become difficult to choose an article of clothing without proper lighting. There are various types of closet lights to choose from. When you pick the right one, it will boost functionality and add useful illumination. If you need an electrician in York County to help with installation, the experts at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling have you covered.

Types of Closet Lights

The most common types of closet lights are strip lighting, track lighting, and recessed lighting. Strip lights do not require hardwiring. Flexible cords or small strips of LED lights easily attach to the wall with an adhesive backing. They’re best for small, dark closets because the strip is compact. They usually come with a remote that allows you to change the color of the lighting and the pattern of the lights. Track lighting requires one hardwiring point. Individual bulbs are mounted on a track or metal bar. They’re best for walk-in closets and allow you to move the lightbulbs to spotlight a specific area. Recessed lighting is round and placed inside a cutout in the ceiling that’s level with drywall. For the best illumination, you should have several small recessed lights installed.

Finding the right wattage for lights is extremely important. LED bulbs are available in various wattages which create different colors. While 3 watts are best for brighter illumination of clothes, 1.4 watts provides a soft accent glow. To take your closet to the next level, illuminate the base of it. It will give your closet a contemporary floating look. By installing recessed ribbon lighting above clothes along the closet rod illuminates brightness on all ends of the closet. This type of lighting works for closets of all sizes.

Looking for an Electrician in York County?

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling offers residential and commercial electrical services in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Whether you need new lighting, repairs and rewiring, or panel upgrades, we do it all. Click here for a free estimate!

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