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Brighten up with New Shower Lighting

Installing the correct shower lighting can prevent your shower from being a safety hazard. Here’s what you need to know about lighting options for your bathroom.

Shower Lighting Tips

The bathroom can quickly become the most dangerous room in your home. With proper lighting, you can reduce the risk of slips, falls, and other injuries that occur when using your shower. Wet and damp ratings help you decide which type of lighting to use. Wet lighting is ideal for direct water exposure, while damp-rated lighting can only handle indirect water exposure such as subtle moisture or condensation.

To get the most from your bathroom lighting:

  • Use layer lighting
  • Don’t forget lighting for the tub area
  • Consider the size of the light fixtures

You should also consider the temperature of lighting that works best for your space and the atmosphere you would like to create. Options include daylight, cool white, and warm white. The temperature of the lighting depends on the light’s wattage and determines the mood you create in your bathroom and measured in k (kelvins). Daylight lighting is bright and has a wattage range between 4600-6500k. Cool white light is also bright, but more relaxing than daylight lighting, and ranges in wattage from 3100-4500k. Warm white lighting ranges from 2000-3000k. Warm white lighting is the most flattering for most bathrooms because it’s bright enough for you to see the flooring and other elements. Yet it is subtle enough for you to relax and not feel like the sun is beaming in your face.

Hiring an Electrician in Hanover PA

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