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LED Wattage Versus Incandescent Lighting

Anyone who has purchased a lightbulb over the last decade has probably weighed the difference in price, energy, and appearance of traditional incandescent lighting versus LED lighting. However, the way you are comparing the two might not be correct because many people don’t understand that wattage is different for incandescent lighting versus LED lighting. Therefore, before comparing apples to oranges, it may be useful to read a guide created by a helpful residential electrical service Ellicott City.

LED Versus Incandescent Lighting

It is fairly common knowledge now that LED lighting is the environmentally sound decision. However, the reason why is because of how this type of lighting produces lumens. LED, or light-emitting diodes, create an electrical arc via a semiconductor. The charge causes the light to illuminate without creating much heat. Which is key.

On the other hand, incandescent lighting creates light by first creating heat. Incandescent lights work by electrically heating up a filament until it gets hot, creating light. This is why they are less efficient because heat is not an efficient way to create light.

Wattage is a term that refers to how much energy it takes to generate lumens (which appear as light). A residential electrical service Ellicott City will tell you that the lower the wattage, the better and more effective a light type is.

Incandescent lighting uses heat to produce lumens, which results in most of the energy actually getting wasted. This makes it an ineffective way to produce light and results in high wattage. A lot of energy has to be used for incandescent lighting to work. Conversely, since LED light relies on an electrical charge, it requires much less wattage to produce the same number of lumens.

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If you are ready to reduce the energy consumption in your home, upgrading to LED lighting is one great way to do so. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today to learn more.

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