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Under Cabinet Lighting Options for Your Kitchen

Family and friends gather in the kitchen to prepare meals and hang out. That’s why it’s important to make sure your kitchen is properly lighted, both functionally and aesthetically. The best place to start with functionality is with under cabinet lighting.

Why Under Cabinet Lighting Is Important

Most of your precise work in the kitchen. You slice, measure, and mix ingredients on your countertop. Counter tops around the perimeter of your kitchen are usually beneath higher cabinets. Thus, you’ll be doing this precise work in shadows unless you have under cabinet lighting.

There are a few decisions to make when it comes to under cabinet lighting. One of the decisions depends upon the type of kitchen counters you have. If you have a shiny surface, such as granite or marble, you’ll want to diffuse a light source to avoid glare. If you have a shiny surface, you can avoid glare by installing a light channel at an angle facing the wall. A less costly option is an LED soft strip. You’ll want this installed at an angle, as well, to avoid glare. A matte surface is easier to light. You can use the LED soft strip. However, instead of angling the strip, you can have an electrician install it right in the middle of your cabinets. Another option with a matte surface is to use LED puck lights. These can also be installed on the bottom of your cabinets, roughly 20 inches apart.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

Looking for a top-rated electrician in Perry Hall? Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Tim Kyle can install a number of different under cabinet lights to accomplish this, including:

  • LED lights: They are more energy-efficient than any other type of bulb and can be retrofitted into existing under cabinet lighting.
  • Puck lights: These simple, round lights are very versatile and can be angled in a few different ways.
  • Light strips: Looking to save space and money? These strips come in a lot of different sizes and other variations, so you can find the perfect version for your vision.

Gain visibility in your workspace by having under cabinet lighting installed today.

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