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Kitchen Lighting Brings the Entire Home Together

The kitchen is the center of your home. It’s where meals are prepared, homework is sometimes completed, and the entire family gathers. This is why the right combination of lights is essential for completing tasks, accenting certain areas, and illuminating the whole room. Learn how to create the perfect atmosphere with various types of kitchen lighting.

Different Types of Kitchen Lighting

Due to its ability to improve productivity, task lighting is essential in kitchens. Using this type of luminescence allows you to target a specific area of the kitchen to complete desired tasks, such as prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Task lighting is great to use inside, underneath, and above cabinets and over the sink.

Accent lighting creates a focal point in your kitchen. These lights add drama and style to your home by highlighting a china cabinet or shadowing other background items. They can also help you create a tone or mood in the kitchen, especially if you’re using dimmer switches. This target lighting is available in a variety of styles, including puck and toe-kick lighting. Kitchen accent lighting is best used for showcasing artwork or highlighting textures and designs within the room.

Whole-room lighting, also known as general or ambient lighting, creates a soft, natural glow in the kitchen. Unlike task and accent lighting, whole-room lighting does not focus on a specific object or area in the kitchen. This type of natural lighting allows you to complete basic tasks without creating a harsh glare.

Lighting Control Options

Through the use of dimmer switches, lighting control options help make lights more customizable. These switches provide flexibility and help save money on your electricity bill by allowing you to adjust the voltage of your light fixtures.

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